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The tray shop

Handy and versatile, coming in various formats and original designs, the wooden serving trays monboplato are indeed useful for all kinds of duties all over the house.
In the kitchen, for instance, the
long tray with a wooden spoon is perfect for placing a dripping utensil used in the preparation of a dish on the worktop without staining it and right next to you.
Monboplato serving trays can of course also be useful for bringing hot dishes from the kitchen to a living room.
The 38cm round serving tray is large enough to accommodate teapot and cups to serve tea in the living room. Besides, need we remind you, what is handier than putting everything on a tray to bring a meal to the table and avoid multiple trips to the kitchen !

The small sizes of long and rectangular trays are ideal for a small coffee or a glass of water on a bedside table. The one with the spectacles will find a perfect spot to set pencils, a pen or an eraser wether in the office or in the bedroom. In an entrance hall, this small rectangular tray with the keys is essential as a storage compartment.
For children, the rectangular tray with its
small trompe-l'oeil butter cookies is ideal at tea time with cookies and chocolate chunks in front of the tv.
But wether
round or  rectangular serving trays, they lay out an innovative set design. At rest and placed vertically, they provide a beautiful effect. Their surreal and unusual patterns create a refreshing opening into your familiar surroundings.

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